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International Purchases
Gaga Culture Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and registered company and they own the rights to this website. Import duties, taxes and other charges are not included in any of our item prices or shipping charges for customers outside of Australia, these charges are the buyer's own responsibility. If your unsure please check with your country's customs office to determine what any additional costs may be prior to purchasing.

You can also use this free calculator to help work out your countries local import charges.

Be aware that all imported items regardless of where you purchase them including from ebay or other online stores may incur import duties and local taxes depending on your geographical location and local import laws.

Delivery Policy
Delivery time is dependent on the item ordered, complexity of the chosen design, type of mould used, and the items country of origin. Production and delivery times begin from the date your payment is processed, not from the date of the order. Typical delivery times are 15-20 working days from the date of production.

Gaga Culture Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for delays in delivery due to customs or other unforeseen delays in shipping. Shipping for most items is via China EMS post and items shipped via EMS can be tracked the following ways:

  • All items shipped using China EMS Can be tracked here - Tracking.
  • Items shipped to New Zealand can be tracked here - NZ Post
  • Items shipped to Australia can be tracked here - Australia Post
  • Items shipped to the USA can be tracked here - USPS
  • Items shipped to the UK can be tracked here - Royal Mail

It is your responsibility as the customer to purchase our optional insurance on all shipped goods if insurance is desired. Items are normally sent without insurance to make the cost of shipping more reasonable. Insurance is optional but if you choose not to purchase shipping insurance any damage that's incurred during transit will become your own responsibility.

We will do everything in our power to help you replace any items damaged in transit however any associated replacement costs will be your own responsibility should you choose to not purchase shipping insurance.

Insurance is calculated on the value of the items purchased and it enables us to replace items that are damaged by the postal system for you, at no additional cost to you. It is the responsibility of you as the customer to pay the full shipping cost of any items purchased and then returned to Fairing Solutions for replacement or refund under our return policy. Items my only be returned at the discretion of Gaga Culture Pty LTD.

Insurance Options
Shipping insurance is available on all items shipped during the checkout process. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service as we can’t guarantee shipped items arriving undamaged due to the actions of the postal and carrier services.

We purposely leave the cost of insurance as an option so that you can choose to pay the extra for insurance against transit damage or save yourself the cost of insurance by taking the risk by not purchasing it.

We do however wish to make you aware that during the transportation and shipping of products such as fairing's kits products do on occasion become damaged. The damage is caused if the boxed products are roughly handled during transit. While the majority of products arrive in pristine condition, the reality is that sometimes products will become damaged due to rough and careless handling while in transit.

Below are some image of the types of shipping damage that can happen during transit from our factory to your door. These are some of the types of damage that our shipping insurance covers you for. Shipping damage examples shown below.

If you choose not to purchase shipping insurance any damaged that's incurred during transit will become your own responsibility. We will do everything in our power to help you replace any items damaged in transit however any associated replacement costs will be your own responsibility,

Insurance is calculated on the value of the items purchased and it enables us to replace items that are damaged by the postal system for you, at no additional cost to you.

Damaged Parts & Returns
Items that are damaged in transit or in the manufacturing process must be reported to Gaga Fairings within 3 working days of delivery. All emails should be sent to When reporting shipping damage include pictures of all damaged panels and also pictures outlining the state of the packing including any damage to the box. This will enable us to process your claim faster. Damaged packaging examples shown below.

Purchased items that have been manufactured below the normal acceptable standard for aftermarket replacement parts will either be replaced, or the item refunded.

To enable us to quickly process any damage to your order we require clear pictures that show a full overview of the item or items damaged and also close-up images of any damage for each and every item damaged. Examples shown below.

Transit Damage & Manufacturing Issues
If you have taken our optional transit insurance during checkout and fairing kits or parts arrive damaged, broken or severely scratched you need to take lots of pictures including pictures of the packaging so we can clearly see what’s wrong with the item.

Its important this is done within a few days of the item or items being signed for, Factory staff will then check the pictures and where necessary send out replacement parts.

If you did not take our optional transit insurance during the checkout process and instead opted out we will deal with this on a case by case basis and its at the discretion of the factory as to if they will replace the panels or damaged parts.

Damaged fairing kit box delivered by courier Damaged fairing kit once unpacked from box Damaged box packing label photographed

Color Matching
Gaga Culture Pty Ltd can not guarantee an exact color match against other panels on your existing kit or tank. This is due to a number of factors including color matching differences, paint fade, different undercoats and layers, and other similar factors. A good paint shop will charge hundreds of dollars to match a color correctly and its a very time consuming job. For this reason we are unable to match colors perfectly. We will however try and match as closely as we can within the time and budget we have.

Below are three examples of kits we have produced for our customers that highlight slight differences in color between the existing tanks and new aftermarket Ducati, Kawasaki and Honda fairing kits. If you cant live with this difference your option would be to either paint the tank to match or buy a genuine OEM fairing kit.

Standard Estimated Delivery Times
Standard production time is 10-15 working days for fairing's and custom parts. Delivery is 7-10 working days from the end of production. This can change in times when our factory is running at full capacity, in this case we will notify you of any delays to production or shipping.

Special Order Estimated Delivery Times
Custom parts and special orders can take up to 20 working days for production and an additional 5 working days from the end of production for delivery. Some special orders can take longer. In this case Gaga Culture Pty Ltd will notify the customer of any production delays.

Free Screen & Tank Pad
We attempt to supply a free screen and tank pad when possible with all of our ABS plastic fairing kits that we sell. This is a courtesy item that we provide free of charge however in some rare case we may not be able to provide you with your preferred choice of screen color or with a free screen depending on availability and the make and model of the fairing kit ordered. We are not obligated to provide a free screen but in 99% of all cases we will be able to do so.

Return Policy
Gaga Culture Pty Ltd will not accept returns on items where the end user has difficulty with installation of the product or due to change of mind. Gaga Culture Pty Ltd will also not offer a refund or accept returns in the following situations:
  • Items that have been broken due to incorrect fitment.
  • Items that have been incorrectly ordered by the customer.
  • Change of mind.
  • Installation problems where fairing's or part installations are not being carried out by a licensed motorcycle repair service.
  • Cancellation of orders once production has begun.
  • A deposit has been paid but the order is later cancelled.
  • Where the items description is accepted by the customer and the customer is then unhappy with the final product where it meets its description.
Consumer Data / Privacy Policy
Gaga Culture Pty Ltd stores customers names and addresses in our secure database for the purpose of delivery and placement of orders. Your personal data will never be used for any other purpose other than this without your personal written consent. We take your privacy very seriously and will never sell or trade your personal information to any third party organizations.


This article was published on Wednesday 06 January, 2016.
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