1990 2009 Kawasaki ZZR250 Fairing Kit

1990 2009 Kawasaki ZZR250 Fairing Kit

Model: Kawasaki ZZR250
Year: 1990-2009
Details: Produced from High grade ABS plastic
Shipping Times: 20-25 Working days
Product ID: 887

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Production Times
All our Kawasaki aftermarket fairing kits and fairing parts are produced on demand. We work this way as there are simply too many colours, styles, models and years for us to be able to stock all the possibilities that are available to you as our customer.

Once you place your order with us we will put your order into production as soon as your payment has cleared.

The production process involves four main steps as follows:
  1. The checking of your order and any additional requirements you have to ensure they are clear to us.
  2. The production of fairing blanks if we don’t already have them in stock. A blank is an unpainted press moulded part or parts that make up your full fairing kit.
  3. Decal production and layout followed by a professional paint job and final clearcoat to give your kit its stunning end finish.
  4. Checking of your fairing parts and careful packaging ready for shipment to your door.
The full production process typically takes from 7-10 working days unless your kit is customised, in which case you should add a couple of additional days to delivery times.

Kawasaki fairing kit decal placement Kawasaki fairing kit race tail masking for paint Kawasaki fairing kit dispatch factory

If your kit is customised or a complex order we will often make post production pictures for you to approve before we ship the item, or items to your door.

Colors & Decals
We produce a multitude of (OOTB) designs to suit almost everybody's needs yet nearly half of all fairing kits we produce have some level of customisation of either colours or decals for our customers. You don't need to settle for what's advertised on our site if your minds set on something unique.

Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja fairing kit finish and quality Kawasaki ZZR600 blue flame kit decals Kawasaki RGV250 VJ22 Pepsi fairing kit, tail fairing

To have us custom design a kit for you, just supply us with a graphic layout with a high enough level of detail so our design and paint team can follow the design with ease. We have a great team who will be glad to help you if your stuck with this process. For a small fee we can even fill headlight,indicator and rear seat holes to suit your various requirements.

What’s Supplied
All our Kawasaki fairing kits come complete with all the main fairing panels painted & decaled to get your bike back to its former glory, this includes the Front guard, Front upper fairing, left and right sides including belly pan and of course the full rear ducktail fairing. Press moulded kits do not come with many of the smaller fill panels that mount around your tank or inner front fairing.

Kawasaki ZX9R fairing kit Kawasaki 2002 ZX9R full fairing kit Kawasaki 2000 ZX6R full fairing kit

We also supply a free screen when available with many of our kits as an added bonus. Our fairing kits don't include complete bolt kits or push pins.

Quality of Product
Our press moulded fairing kits are produced from high grade ABS plastic and come fully painted and decaled. Fit and finish is reasonable but there is some work involved to fit a press moulded fairing kit, as the mounting tabs are plastic wielded by hand and all holes are manually drilled using a jig.

Kawasaki ZZR600 side fairing panel in blue Kawasaki ZX9R Ninja tail fairing Kawasaki ZX6R front fairing in Kawasaki green

This production process means they are not as accurate a fit as our injection moulded kits however for many older motorbikes this type of kit is all that's available. A press moulded kit costs a fraction of the price of Kawasaki OEM factory fairings and represents great value for money.

Kawasaki ZXR400 press moulded tail fairing panels Kawasaki ZXR400 full fairing kit in classic Kawasaki colors Kawasaki ZX10R tail fairing panels in Kawasaki green

The press moulding process means thats mounting points and tabs can be a few MM different to your OEM kit, however fitting a kit is not an impossible task and just requires more thought and consideration when fitting the panels.

ZX6R side fairing panels in red and black Kawasaki ZZR600 full fairing kit fitted Press moulded fairing kit in press

Heat Shielding
All our kits come with free heat shielding but if you’re running an aftermarket exhaust system or headers it’s your responsibility to add more at any point where your exhaust system comes within close proximity of any fairing parts.

Kawasaki fitted fairing kit with aftermarket exhaust Fitting of extra heat shielding to belly pan Factory fitted heat shielding

Heat shielding is readily available at most automotive stores at very affordable prices. Heatshield is adhesive backed and very easy to work with.

Shipping Times
Production and shipping normally take 15-20 working days before the finished kit arrives at your door. Local customs in some countries can lengthen this process and this sort of thing is out of our control.

Kawasaki early model ZX6R fully fitted fairing kit ZX6R Ninja fully fitted black fairing kit Kawasaki ZXR250 fully fitted fairing kit

Both New Zealand and the UK typically take longer to process imported items as they have rigorous customs procedures. For counties with tough import controls you need to add a few extra days to the shipping times.

Use this free calculator to work out any local import charges that may apply. Be aware that all imported items regardless of where you purchase them including from ebay or other online stores may incur import duties and local taxes depending on your geographical location and local import laws.
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